• Thoughtsmiths - Organisational Development


We partner with organisations to identify needs, and provide tailored processes that unlock new,
more effective ways of thinking, working and engaging. We support organisations to tap the
intelligence that lies within individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole.


We offer processes designed to enhance organisational effectiveness by growing a responsive, mature, thinking culture.

Leadership at Every Level

Purpose and Strategy

Working with Change

Managing Performance

Mindfulness at Work

Working with diversity

Coaching skills training for
leaders and managers

ACSTH - Organisational Development - Thoughtsmiths


We support teams towards greater synergy and effectiveness through clarity of purpose, strategy and awareness of team dynamics.

Team dynamics using the
Enneagram typology

Team purpose

Team coaching

The Mindful Team

Inter-team engagement

Conflict resolution


We support the growth of leaders and emerging leaders through structured, supportive processes, grounded in neuroscience

Executive coaching

Leadership coaching

Transition and career coaching

Mindfulness coaching

How we work

Understand - Thoughtsmiths
Co-create - Thoughtsmiths
Thoughtsmiths - Optimise

What our clients have to say

“This is the only way we will find effective approaches to complex problems.”

“Now other people are taking responsibility. They have ownership. It’s no longer my organisation – it’s our organisation. We now have high staff morale and high performance.”

“Thoughtsmiths has taught me not to manage the outcome or the path but rather to support the person to discover it, thereby unlocking their own potential.”

“The thoughtsmiths approach has helped make everyone more fruitful, able to engage at a deeper and more content level with their work.”

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