Coaching – today’s critical leadership skill

Old-school management styles of ‘direct and control’ are no longer appropriate in
guiding people, teams and organisations through the constant change and complexity
that is ubiquitous in today’s workplace. In contrast, Leader-coaches engage their people in
ways that enable flexible, intelligent responses to shifting opportunities and challenges.
Leader-coaches are catalysts that generate a thinking culture in organisations.

About the programme

The Thoughtsmiths Coach Training programme is an ICF accredited coach training programme. It is an intensive, highly experiential and transformative experience that equips leaders, managers and coach practitioners to have powerful workplace conversations that activate the intelligence of individuals and teams for optimal organisational effectiveness.

Who should attend?

  • Leaders at all levels of your organisation
  • People in people-development and influencing roles like HR, consulting and sales
  • Aspiring executive coach practitioners

What will participants gain?

An ICF approved
coaching qualification
sufficient to open your
own coaching practice.

A neuroscience-based,
approach to coaching.

Practical coaching
skills that can be

Thoughtsmiths’ proven
and widely applicable
STAKES™ coaching

Skills to coach
individuals as well as
groups and teams.

Emotion regulation


Coaching skills to optimise everyday workplace engagements such as:

Performance reviews
One-on-one conversations
‘Difficult’ conversations
Feedback discussions

Goal setting
‘6 Minute’ thinking conversation
Strategic discussions
Team meetings

Thoughtsmiths - Affiliates

Thoughtsmiths Coach Training School is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) to provide
Approved Coach Specific Training hours (ACSTH). Thoughtsmiths is registered with COMENSA as a Training Provider

A programme for every need

About the Programme

This training programme is for leaders
at any level in your organisation wanting
to become proficient in coaching skills
as part of their leadership arsenal.

It is also for anyone wishing to
become a coach practitioner.

Programme Format

This 3 month programme includes:

  • 3 days intensive skills training
  • 10 weekly miniclasses (90 mins)
  • live assessment of competence

The programme may be run virtually, in person, or blended.

Learning Modules

  • Foundations of coaching
  • Coaching skills
  • Deepening coaching skills
  • Applications of coaching skills
    in the workplace

ICF Accreditation

40 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH)

SADC rates

  • Standard rate – R 39 625 (incl VAT)
  • Early bird rate – R 33 925 (incl VAT)

International rates

  • USD 3000

Reduced rates available for:

  • Non-Profit Organisations and HR Scouts
  • Groups of three or more

We understand the impact of Covid 19 on businesses. Please contact us to discuss a potential rate reduction if needed.

About the Programme

This training programme is for coaches who already have a basic coaching qualification and who are wishing to deepen their coaching skill.

Coaches who have completed Thoughtsmiths Phase One Training and follow up with Phase Two, will attain a full 60 hours of ICF approved coach specific training, sufficient to apply for ICF ACC.

Programme Format

This programme is offered in two formats:

  • Blended learning approach
  • 1 Day face to face plus 4 x 2hr high impact
    live virtual learning sessions

  • Virtual approach
  • 8 x 2hr high impact live virtual learning sessions

Learning Modules

  • Growing the coach

ICF Accreditation

20 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH)

SADC rates

  • Standard rate – R 13 800 (incl VAT)
  • Early bird rate – R 11 960 (incl VAT)

International rates

  • USD 1145

Reduced rates available for:

  • Non-Profit Organisations and HR Scouts
  • Groups of three or more

About the Programme

This mentoring programme is essential for coaches wishing to apply for or renew their ICF credentials. It is an opportunity to build coaching confidence, to embed ICF competencies, to receive constructive one-on-one feedback from an experienced PCC credentialed mentor coach and to be supported through the ICF credentialing process.

Programme Format

This programme is offered in two formats:

  • 5 group high impact live virtual learning
    sessions (Making up 7 hours in total)
  • 3 one-on-one sessions with an experienced
    coach mentor of 60 mins

ICF Accreditation

This mentoring programme is based on the 11ICF competencies and meets the ICF requirement for ACC or PCC credentialing or credential renewal through the ICF.

SADC rates

  • Standard rate – R 13 800 (incl VAT)

International rates

  • USD 900

About the Programme

This training is custom created for organisations, designed to meet specific organisational needs, and is run in-house. It draws strongly on the Thoughtsmith ICF approved Phase One Coach Training Programme.

This training coupled with support from Thoughtsmiths Organisation Development consultancy is a powerful agent in creating a thinking culture in your organisation.

Programme Format

This can vary depending on your needs.
Minimum offering is 2 days face to face training.

An extended process is highly recommended
for skill retention.

ICF Accreditation

ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours
(ACSTH) may be awarded depending on the
training modules selected.



Meet the trainers

Thoughtsmiths - Anne

Anne Heslop (Lead trainer)

Thoughtsmiths - Nicola

Dr Nicola Graham

Thoughtsmiths - Megan

Megan Galloway

Public Programmes

Thoughtsmiths Phase One
Coach Training

9 – 11 March 2022

Thoughtsmiths 10 hour
Mentor Coaching

16 March  – 13 April 2022

Thoughtsmiths Phase One
Coach Training

27 – 29 July 2022

Thoughtsmiths Phase Two
Coach Training

10-11 November 2022

What our clients have to say

“A truly life changing experience.”

“This programme has blown my mind with what it is possible to draw out of people when you just have the right conversations.”

“Besides facilitating the personal growth of the leaders who have participated in the programme, the skills and framework learnt during the programme has helped to shift con-versations with individuals and teams where it has been applied.”

“Coach training has helped us as a team to see the best in each other and work with (in-stead of against) each other. We value and appreciate that everyone brings a different view and perspective, this is what we need, united in vision and strengthened by expanded, new thinking. This is the only way we will find effective approaches to complex problems”

The Value of ICF Accreditiation