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Jeanne Alblas – Thoughtsmiths

Jeanne is a people’s person who strives to provide support in administration, development and communication. She has a background in teaching Business English, copy editing, translating,  publishing, book-keeping and administrative support to high-level international executives and CEOs. In her role as as Administrative Assistant for Thoughtsmiths, she draws on her blended ability to work comfortably […]

Althea Banda-Hansmann – Thoughtsmiths

Althea was born in the height of Apartheid. This shaped her capacity to facilitate inner and outer transformation. During the past 27 years, Althea has led transformation in corporate and non-profit spheres, through leadership development, coaching, human resource development, and diversity and inclusion. Her coaching approach is a partnership in which she works with clients […]

Françoise Gallet – Thoughtsmiths

Coach, facilitator and trainer in the fields of organizational and personal development, Françoise Gallet has a huge passion for the vision of a world where life in all its manifestations flourishes. So, she considers it a great privilege to partner with coachees as they work towards living into their full potential. Françoise is also the founder […]

Karen Grant – Thoughtsmiths

Karen has a formal background and training in business economics, but was seeking that unique combination of her creative right brain with her more analytical left and found it in the space of facilitation and coaching. The majority of her corporate career was in Business Development at Ernst & Young, and she transitioned from corporate […]

Lila Ukabhai – Thoughtsmiths

Lila has held many roles from IT programmer, Systems Analyst, Business Analyst and Team Leader, to Manager and Coach during her 25-plus years of experience in the financial services sector. This has given her deep insights into the challenges that people face in the workplace. Nonetheless, she believes that so much is possible if we […]

Pam Picken – Thoughtsmiths

Pam believes passionately that organisations stand or fall on the quality of their leadership. During her 13 years as director of TREE (Training and Resources in Early Education) Pam steered the organisation of 55 employees on the brink of financial crisis to a thriving NPO with 200 employees and a budget of nearly R20 million, […]

Jaqueline Warner – Thoughtsmiths

With 17 years of corporate experience in the telecommunication industry, including sales, marketing, account management, and leading a diverse team, Jacqueline also has nearly a decade of in-house coaching experience. Jacqueline now coaches full-time as an external coach practitioner. She uses a brain-based approach, and has a warm, enthusiastic commitment to support individuals to engage […]

Dr Monique Saloman – Thoughtsmiths

Monique Salomon (known as Mo) is a strategic facilitator, leadership coach, and yoga teacher who uses mindfulness, the Enneagram, and body awareness. Monique has a background in cultural anthropology and a PhD in environment and development, and is passionate about matching the potential of technology with people’s realities. She supports non-profit organizations to make the transition […]

Megan Galloway – Thoughtsmiths

Megan is a scientist by training. She spent a decade working as a geologist and geochemist in the diamond exploration industry. She understands what it means to literally search for treasure in the earth, to persist even when the odds seem stacked against you, just because the signs of potential are there. She has learnt […]

Dr Nicola Graham – Thoughtsmiths

Nicola is a medical doctor whose fascination with the quality of conversations started early in her career at the bedside of patients. Working within the government, non-profit and  corporate sectors, it became clear to her that whatever the field of work, the quality of conversations determines the effectiveness of individuals and organisations. She now focuses […]