Lila has held many roles from IT programmer, Systems Analyst, Business Analyst and Team Leader, to Manager and Coach during her 25-plus years of experience in the financial services sector. This has given her deep insights into the challenges that people face in the workplace. Nonetheless, she believes that so much is possible if we are better able to tap our deep inner wellspring of resources. Her coaching space is one where clients can be at ease, feel respected and guided to discover their innate wisdom, creativity, purpose and capabilities through new ways of being and doing. Lila draws deeply on mindfulness-based and leadership embodiment approaches to help people shift to a more centred and resourceful state of mind and body. As a first generation South African Indian, Lila’s career and life experiences straddle apartheid and post-apartheid enabling me to be comfortable with diverse cultural interactions.

Lila holds the following credentials:

  • Diploma in Business Analysis (FTI)
  • Post graduate Certificate in Coaching: University of Stellenbosch;
  • Presencing – Foundation course
  • Time to Think Partnership
  • Professional Leadership Embodiment Coach Associate: Embodiment International
  • Senior Management Development program (USB-ed)
  • Post graduate Certificate Mindfulness-based interventions: University of Stellenbosch
  • Mindful Educator Essentials Course through Mindful Schools (US);
  • COMENSA member
  • ICF member
  • Thoughtsmiths ICF accredited Certificate of Coaching