Switching Brains On

Organisations sit on goldmines of rich human intelligence but don’t always know how to access it.
We support organisations to tap the full depth of their own intelligence in order to be flexible and responsive
to complexity and change, and effective in achieving their purpose.

Thoughtsmiths has two components: the Coach Training School and Organisation Development Consultancy.
These offer complementary services that work towards creating an organisational culture where
latent intelligence is activated in practical ways on a daily basis.

Thoughtsmiths - Coach Training School


The Thoughtsmiths Coach Training School
gives coach practitioners, industry leaders
and managers the coaching skills to engage
in laser-focused workplace conversations
that activate the potential of
individuals and teams.

Thoughtsmiths - Organisation Development Consultancy


Thoughtsmiths partners with organisations
to identify needs and provide tailored, appropriate
processes that open up new, more effective
ways of working and engaging, at the
level of individual, team and
whole organisation.

What our clients have to say

“Thoughtsmiths has taught me not to manage the outcome or the path but rather to support the person to discover it, thereby unlocking their own potential.”

“I have learnt about setting smaller goals and using coaching skills and a facilitative approach with staff. It has allowed everyone to achieve their potential.”

“The Thoughtsmiths approach has helped make everyone more fruitful, able to engage at a deeper and more content level with their work.”


We’ll send you occasional updates about public programmes and a quarterly mail
with curated content exploring coaching in the workplace,
culture change and leadership in complex times.